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Welcome to Teh Completely Random x2 Comic Website!

So what is this website you may ask, well itís a web comic of course. I have scanned in my comic I made in seventh and eighth grade, and digitally enhanced them for the whole world to see! Now I know itís not the greatest art or computer comic in the world, but Iím still a kid. Despite the fact that my comic is still pretty amateur, it is quite funny. So if youíre bored or need something to pass the time, youíve come to the right place!

New Features and Updates:        Huge update status: (1) Private Cbox (2) Comic Book #8 (3) Side Characters Page (4) Other Char. Page (5) New topbar (6) More sayings on panic button (7) Another hidden page! (8) Fixing up the Tia page (9) Sketchbook update (10) Redoing the 'links' section            Now we've got a guest star sketch book! w00t! Check there for any computerized drawings, Tia requests, or my friend's or fan's (if I have any) artwork.            I liked my new art style so it'll be featured in the new header! ^_^
New computer graphics test pictures:
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This layout was made for 1024 by 768 pixles computer screen. If your screen is smaller, this layout might be a little wierd looking. If your screen is bigger, I don't think there will be any problem. Also The website is still in beta testing mode, so please notify me if you find any broken links, messed up images, typos, ect. Thank you!

If I may add, this comic does have some mild language. It does not contain curse words, but it does have minor insults. If you have a problem with this you can just leave, I donít mind. Also it includes mild comic violence. So I wouldnít really recommend for kids 10 and under to read it.

So please, enjoy teh comic!

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